ELPEDISON supported the activation “Offer kilometers to Syzoi”

ELPEDISON stands constantly next to vulnerable groups of people

ELPEDISON was the sponsor of the activation “Offer kilometers to Syzoi”, organized by Syzoi, a Non – profit organization made by parents and friends of visually impaired children with additional disabilities (mental disabilities, autism, etc.). Syzoi called the public, through a digital campaign, to run for a good cause, collect kilometers and support kids with serious eye disorders.

The activation’s goal was to collect 6.000 kilometers in total, while ELPEDISON turned the distance to euros, offering 6.000€ to Syzoi. The amount will cover the expenses of specially designed educational programs for the kids.

The activation was launched on December 1st and lasted for 13 days, when 6.000 kilometers were collected.