Inauguration of ELPEDISON’s kiosk at the 86th TIF (ΔΕΘ)

Various personalities from the political and business sectors visited ELPEDISON’s stand during and following the inauguration event, including the Minister of Justice, Mr. K. Tsiaras, the Minister of Development, Mr. A. Georgiadis, the Deputy Minister of Justice, Mr. G. Kotsiras, New Democracy’s MPs, Mr. D. Aktypis (Zakynthos) and Mr. N. Kritikos (Lakonia), as well as representatives of the regional government, church, other bodies of Northern Greece and the country’s energy segment. Additionally, senior business executives, collaborators, customers and ELPEDISON employees also honored the Company with their presence.

In the context of the inauguration, Mr. Zachariadis made short statements to top tier portals, namely and (Oikonomikos Tahydromos).

At the same time, ELPEDISON launched three interactive initiatives.

The ELPEDISON Wall, calls guests to give energy using their senses, light up the city for a good cause and ELPEDISON, will donate, for every participation, an amount to the NGO “Initiative for the child”, in the context of its constant commitment towards vulnerable groups and children.

An interactive robot, “Pepper”, shares ELPEDISON’s corporate narrative and vision for sustainable development and calls guests to take a picture with her, in order to participate in a contest for premium “green” presents.

Aiming to increase the traffic in the kiosk, a group of promoters distributes flyers to the visitors of the exhibition. Every flyer contains a unique code, which is connected with a special giveaway.